Remote access to Raspberry Pi using ngrok

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Remote access to Raspberry Pi using ngrok

ngrok Install

Basic Installation steps

sudo wget
  ./ngrok help
# Register for your free account at ngrok website

# Obtain your authorisation token

# Run the software using the token:- 

./ngrok authtoken ................

Run the software

./ngrok http 8080    |  I use this to access my Openhab application
./ngrok http 80      | use this to access a webserver on your Pi

Ngrok responds with http://[unique access code] -> localhost:80

screen -S ngrok      | using linux command "Screen" allows the connection to remain open 
./ngrok tcp 22       | Use this to access a terminal screen on your Pi from a remote location.

At your remote location use your private URL in the form: http://[unique access code] provided in the ngrok response.

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