Playing with RTL-SDR Radio

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KiwiSDR Interface

I recently stumbled on a site called .

Here you will find a list of RTL-SDR receivers set up.The one we were playing with yesterday was this one here, based somewhere in Burwood.

The interface is a waterfall display, allows you to select center frequency, bands, etc.


What is interesting about the website is that most people listed there are using something called KiwiSDR. It turns out to be a daughterboard for a Beaglebone Black.

KiwiSDR daughterboard

Not cheap, Core Electronics sells both Beaglebone Black and the KiwiSDR Board for just under $600.

They more interesting thing is the software they are using is a heavily modified version of an open-source software called OpenWebRX.



OpenWebRX has a web-based interface.

Unfortunately, the interface is not as nice as the one for KiwiSDR, even though it is the same software. It can be installed on Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi.



Install grxq on Ubuntu

Install grxq on Raspberry Pi

Install SDRPlay

Core Electronics

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