Custom Raspbian Image using Ansible

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A while ago, I looked at PiBakery as a possible way of customizing a Raspbian image, but it had its limitation because you need to start with a customized version of Raspbian.

I have been looking frantically for a more durable solution. In the DevOps developer community, they have used tools to provision computers like Chef and Puppet, but I always found those tools overly complicated to use. Then arrives Ansible from RedHat.

I have created a project on github called raspberrypi-ansible.

  • You start with a fresh installation of Raspbian.
  • You run the Ansible playbook.
  • You end up with a customized version of Raspbian with all sorts of goodies installed.

You need access to a PC with Ubuntu on it. I tested it with Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (Windows 10), but should work for Ubuntu 16.04.1 You can boot Ubuntu from a USB stick and try the instructions below. Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Github repo for raspberrypi-ansible

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