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The recommended way to install Home Assistant is to download the precompiled raspberry pi image. This is good for most users.

I still like to have Home Assistant installed on raspbian rather than hassio.

The Home Assistant way to do this is called a Supervised Install, link here

There are a few steps in setting this up, so I have created a script here

All you need to do is from a fresh installation of Raspbian, run this:

curl -sL https://bit.ly/2ykrpaM | HOMEASSISTANT_INSTALL_LOCATION=/home/pi/homeassistant RASPBERRYPI=raspberrypi3 sudo -E bash -

You may want to change raspberrypi3 in the above with one of the following:






The installation directory will be /home/pi/homeassistant.

The installation will take about 30 minutes, after which you can go to http://localhost:8123 if your are on the Pi or http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_PI:8123 from another computer, replacing IP_ADDRESS_OF_PI with the IP address of computer.

Once you have done onboarding, ie create a user and logged into Home Assistant, have a poke around for 10 minutes, then REBOOT your pi (this is an important step). DNS issues go away (eg. map appears)

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