May 2019

Rpi CNC Hat

Raspberry Pi CNC Hat

Sean C. was busy finishing up his OpenBuild MiniMill CNC machine, this time the power and electronics components. Sean later on finally got the software part working also. Protoneer provide a raspberry pi image that contains two software components to control CNC machine(bCNC and CNC.js).

Protoneer CNC Hat Wiki Rpi CNC hat raspbian image

Alexa for Raspberry Pi

Alexa have got a great guide for setting up Alexa for the Pi.

Alexa for Raspberry Pi

SBC for Machine Learning

AI accelerators are hardware devices that speed up machine learning for tasks like image classification and object detection.

Three interesting ones:

  • Jetson Nano
  • Google Coral Dev Board
  • Google Coral USB Accelerator

Jetson Nano setup Google Coral Dev Board Nano vs Dev Board