September 2019


An easy way to create a GUI with python. Works on the raspberry pi.

Link here

Kedei TFT 3.5 inch LCD

Had trouble with this touch display with buster, worked in the past with stretch.

Kubernetes on Pi

For those interested in setting up clusters with Pi, it is made dead easier with K3s on a raspberry pi.

Link here

To install a dashboard, requires a bit more work. Two options, Kubernetes Dashboard or VMWare Octant (attempting to produce instructions on how to port this to Raspberry Pi).


Not Pi related, but been playing with microprocessor. It is AVR-based like an arduino, with a couple of important differences:

  • PLL built-in, can be used as source for timer (up to 64MHz)
  • can use external clock as system clock and source for timers
  • can be powered by 3.3V or 5V
  • Has 2 8-bit timers, one of which also has an associated dead-time generator (useful for induction motors)
  • 10-bit ADC differential input with gain either 1x or 20x
  • internal temperature sensor (ADC channel 4)