Setup Wifi Hotspot on Raspberry Pi

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Wifi Hotspot on Raspberry Pi Made Easy with RaspAP

Github Repo Here

A simple GUI interface to configure something that is non-trivial.

The base case is using the onboard wireless on a Raspberry Pi 3/Pi Zero W as a wifi hotspot, then using ethernet interface for internet access.

The other scenarios of interest are:

  • using onboard wifi on raspberry pi as wireless hotspot, and using a second wifi .
  • Simultaneously, using the onboard wifi as both a wifi hotspot, and as a wifi client that connect to wireless router for internet access.

According to documentation, these two scenarios are also covered by the software.

The code is well written and easy to make out.


Switch between wifi modes

Use wifi instead of ethernet for internet

Alternative script for simultaneous wifi mode

Alternative script for Raspberry Pi Zero W

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