December 2018

ActivityBot 360 with Whiskers

Bill S. showed a modification to his ActivityBot 360. He replaced the ultrasonic sensors with whiskers!

Here is an article about show to add the whiskers.

Previous writeup on ActivityBot 360 here.

QR Code Project

John H. (President) gave a summary and call to arms for implementing a way of ensuring attendees are financial and having attendance at Moorabbin recorded with possibly the use of a raspberry pi.

Nodered malware

One of our regulars was hit with a nodered malware!

The cause is that the nodered editor is unsecured (http), meaning anyone on the web has ability to modify the program, including those with malicious intent. Writeup here.

Turn a servo into a continous-mode servo

Rob C. shared a little gem: remove the potentiometer from the servo. Analogous to removing a microswitch from a 3d printer axis. Since the servo thinks it hasn’t reached the setpoint, it keeps going!