May 2017

Where to buy Pi Zero W

Thanks to John S. for info that the mob below have a fresh batch ready to ship.

Core Electronics

Yum yum.

Install raspbian for Pi Zero W

Install Raspbian

Where is the antenna on the Pi Zero W?

This one is for John M.

Pi Zero W Wireless Antenna Design

Connect to wireless automatically when booting Pi Zero W

Need to put a file on the SD card after you “burn” raspbian called wpa-supplicant.conf Sample of the contents of the file here

Remote VNC

Wasn’t aware that RealVNC works over the internet until Rob. C told me about this. It means that you can access your Raspberry Pi Desktop from a remote location. It involves creating a free account with RealVNC website, enabling VNC on the pi, right-clicking VNC icon->Licensing on pi, then can access desktop on your PC or android with realvnc app. Cool.

VNC Cloud

Create a custom Raspbian image

My very own. Not for the faint of heart.


Learn Linux Commands

First create a directory and some empty files and one file with some content

mkdir boo
cd boo
touch 1.txt
touch 2.txt
echo "some content for 3.txt" > 3.txt
cd ..

Now lets create a zip file with the contents of that directory

zip -r boo

Congrats! You have created a zip file from the command line! Will leave the reverse as an exercise, but here is a hint.

sudo apt-get -y install unzip
unzip -l